Friday, October 22, 2010

cutting the ribbon

on wednesday i had the pleasure of attending one of my husbands events. a new veterans clinic was opening in conway, a ribbon cutting was the main attraction.

along with a group of motorcycle veterans called "Rolling Thunder", Senator Mark Pryor attended and spoke, the mustache-less Congressman Vic Snyder attended and spoke, Shane's boss (and VA Hospital Director) Michael Winn spoke, a moment of silence was had for MIA's and POW's, and Miss University of Central Arkansas sang the National Anthem.

my patriotism cup was re-filled, the spirit of the miltary was strong. again, heartstrings were tugged.

i am so proud of shane. even though he is no longer active duty, he is still making a difference.
(everyone that i met had high praises for my guy, as if there was any question about what a "great man" he is)
there is something really hot about watching him work
 Shane's Boss
 Congressman Snyder
 Mr. Cannon
Senator Pryor 
and finally, the ribbon was cut

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