Saturday, September 18, 2010

Super Soccer Saturday

The truth is...girls at this age are just a bit more skilled at soccer than boys. Cannon had a great game, played so hard, but the opposing team had a few girls.
'Nuff said.
They don't keep score at this age anyway, but you know the parents secretly count goals.
My Bubba scored at least one, possibly two. And it was blazing hot outside, just ask the bossman.
After Cannon's game, we raced down to the church, picked up Ty and Ry (who were practicing for the primary program) and readied Ty for his first game of the season.
Again, blazing hot, away game in south Little Rock, GIRLS, and unsuccessful. Ty played his heart out though...and what more can you ask for.
Watching my guys play sports is so much fun. Being a soccer mom is ALL it's cracked up to be.
And now, if mother nature would just have some mercy on us and bring on the fall temps!!

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