Thursday, September 9, 2010

Anniversary = Reality = Perfect

this is what 10 years of marriage looks like this at my house:
me: un-showered and un-rested @ 3pm
theo: constipated and frustrated with his mom
ty: has the chills and on the brink of a fever
cannon: bored and entertaining himself
ryli: burning up with fever and sad
theo: 8 weeks today. happy now and kicking his little heart out. he's really getting round.
his cowboy boots
an accident caused by yours truly
sue-wee delivered a gift and some treats from Silvek's.
the flowers from my sweetheart.
they really turned my frown upside down.
and since we won't be going anywhere to celebrate tonight, I made a special dinner for us. we fed the kids first, then we dined to the tune of our children's happy squeals. the sound of wedded bliss i tell you.
as soon as we sat down theo expressed his I ate one handed. Shane cut my steak into bites for me. small, child sized bites because it comes naturally to him.

now, the children are tucked in. theo is swinging away. dessert was thoroughly enjoyed, and i'm off to take a hot bath so i can snuggle up next to my sweetheart and reflect on the last 10 years...
i love my life, seriously.


Lisa said...

I love this post. I like how you still felt blessed after such a crazy day. Happy Anniversary!

Joey Rachel & Avery said...

You always have such a good attitude!!! Love it:)