Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tuesday in ATL

Shane ~ Conference
Us ~ Breakfast
Us ~ Atlantic Station
Us ~ H&M
Us ~ get Shane for lunch
All 6 ~ Buckhead Pizza Co.
Ryli ~ throw up on the floor of Buckhead Pizza Co.
Ryli ~ nap on Shane's lap
5 of us ~ eat lunch while Ryli rests (she's not sick, sometimes she throws up when she gets really upset...like when Ty hits her in the back with his baby Zhu Zhu pet)
Shane ~ rushes back to conference
Us ~ back to the room because we all need a time out
Shane ~ to the room to check on us and brings some delicious cookies that he stole/borrowed from conference
Us ~ still in time out
Shane ~ conference over for the day
Me & the Boss ~ Nordy Rack
Shane and kids ~ hotel swimming pool
All 6 ~ to Phipps Plaza for some dinner
All 6 ~ to a two-story Target with the neatest cart escalator I've ever seen
All 6 ~ call it a night
Never a dull moment. Tomorrow promises even more excitement and adventure. Hopefully, less vomit.

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jennie said...

kristin-- you should come visit me. every target here has great rides like this for both babes & carts alike...