Monday, August 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Shane!

Shane had a birthday on Sunday. He's 34 years old. We decided to keep it low key since we just got back from Atlanta, and we're getting ready to hit the beach.

Florida on Saturday!!!

Shane and the kids spent the morning at church, I stayed home with the boss.

Later, I fixed lunch for the birthday boy, then his requested dinner. Steaks, potatoes, bread, salad and fruit. Actually the Toblers fixed the salad and fruit, but still.

Then we had the friends over for dessert and games.
I made "fat brownies", Shane's requested cake. The Toblers made cookies, Hartzells-Ice Cream, and Griffins- fancy drinks.
We sat around, compared our kids latest adventures, and who had the worst week. Somehow, there is always a winner.
We played Time's Up, nursed babies, changed diapers, shared yummy sweets, and Shane got to open presents.
Sugar cereal, a video game, a book...and whoppers. Perfect for my guy.
Later, from us, he will celebrate with a trip to Palm Springs with his brothers.

Happiest Birthday my love. Whatever would I do without you?

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