Thursday, August 19, 2010

2nd & 3rd

Yesterday I asked the kids what they wanted for their back to school dinner. I said anything you want...Ty responded with TWO BOWLS OF RAMENS! Oh please....

I tried again, and the response I got this time was pancakes and brownie sundaes. I'll take that.

As I feverishly worked to finish a first day of school dress, Shane and the kids prepped dinner.
For breakfast, I surprised them with the sweet smell of cinnamon rolls...their favorite.
The Oliver+S Jump Rope Dress.
(on a side note: the pattern was a lot of fun, not too difficult. i will for sure make this again, the long sleeved view next)
Ryli stated that she was nervous, Ty just said he was excited to make new friends...and that he had a sneaking suspicion that his teacher was mean.

Upon arrival, I walked the kids in to their respective classrooms.

Ryli to Ms. Hendrix...(did I mention that Ryli and Lucy are in the same class?? Along with another good friend Joe? Ms. Hendrix has her hands full!!)
Ty to Ms. Crutcher...
and turned around and left them to their independence, my goal was a nap.
I feel really good about where they are, and what their doing.

The verdict:
Big smiles for both. They love their school, teachers, and new friends.

Now for the first day of school celebratory ice cream...The Purple Cow with friends.
Oh, Theo and Sue-wee came too!


Liz&Meg said...

ryli's dress is perfect! good job lady!!

jennie said...

the dress is darling! i might just be brave enough to try it after seeing how great yours turned out!