Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Florida: Day 3

We set out to find some seafood for lunch in Panama City Beach. We found Pier Park. An outdoor shopping center just across from the beach, and lots of fun shops to explore. We also found lunch at Back Porch Seafood and Oyster Bar, and there adorning the table was Tony's.
 I have a special relationship with Tony's. 
It was yummy...and they even served pizza for my little picky ones, Shane had fish and chips and I had a Shrimp Po Boy.
We window shopped and made our way to this little gem...
because fancy ice cream is becoming a trend for this trip.
Bubba chose Superman ice cream.
We walked down to the pier, then headed back to Seaside to Sundog Books.
Only the most quaint little bookstore I've ever seen. No trip to the beach is complete without at least one visit to Sundog.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Florida: Day 2

I stayed at the house with the boss, Shane took the kids to the beach and the pool.

We got cleaned up,
 then went to Destin to shop...and play.
Theo prefers the Stingray over the Starfish
Then it was time for a treat...
This place had me at hello.
Seriously, the cutest ice cream stand I've ever seen...and the most delicious.
Yes that is my brownie sundae to the left of the Kung Zhu.
As a bonus, Bruster's also serves Nathan's cheese fries...the best cheese fries in the world.
And, if I could've put him right on top of my sundae I would've.
For the girl who suffers from serious postpartum junk food cravings, this place is dreamy!!!!!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Florida: Day 1

at the beach:
his beach duds
while they were doing this,
i was doing this
best friends
flower child
the final product
man i love the beach

Saturday, August 28, 2010

On the way to Florida...

I gazed at this guy, with puppy dog eyes.
He rocks my world.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Cannon starts

In April, I woke up very early to wait in line to get Cannon into a highly sought after preschool program. I also paid a deposit to secure his spot. As the summer progressed we decided to follow his two best friends to a different program. Today, he started, and I couldn't feel more confident that we made the right choice.
The three musketeers, Aidan, Emory and Cannon
This is Cannon's final year at preschool. His final year to have a flexible schedule. For the rest of his years at home I will have to share him with conventional education. Gosh, that makes my heart hurt.

He is one grand little creation...and I do say so myself. His demeanor is pretty darn irresistable.

Please, final year, take your time.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Shane!

Shane had a birthday on Sunday. He's 34 years old. We decided to keep it low key since we just got back from Atlanta, and we're getting ready to hit the beach.

Florida on Saturday!!!

Shane and the kids spent the morning at church, I stayed home with the boss.

Later, I fixed lunch for the birthday boy, then his requested dinner. Steaks, potatoes, bread, salad and fruit. Actually the Toblers fixed the salad and fruit, but still.

Then we had the friends over for dessert and games.
I made "fat brownies", Shane's requested cake. The Toblers made cookies, Hartzells-Ice Cream, and Griffins- fancy drinks.
We sat around, compared our kids latest adventures, and who had the worst week. Somehow, there is always a winner.
We played Time's Up, nursed babies, changed diapers, shared yummy sweets, and Shane got to open presents.
Sugar cereal, a video game, a book...and whoppers. Perfect for my guy.
Later, from us, he will celebrate with a trip to Palm Springs with his brothers.

Happiest Birthday my love. Whatever would I do without you?

Friday, August 20, 2010

5 weeks

Theo is 36 days old today. That seems really weird, 5 weeks sounds so much older.
He is starting to get round. He is also very long. We had a stranger guess he was 8 weeks.

He still doesn't sleep well, at all. When does sleep, he prefers to be near a heartbeat and warm skin, and wrapped snugly in soft blanket.
He finally lost his umbilical cord at the 4 week mark, in Atlanta. Baths have become much more enjoyable.

Tyler has bonded tightly with this guy. He gets very territorial, even with his own brother and sister. He insists that he can calm him better...honestly, he can. Theo really loves napping on his oldest brother.
Ryli loves to lay down with him and rest him in the crook of her arm. She helps me bathe him, always makes sure his swing is going just the right speed, and is ready and waiting for any kind of direction I give her to help. She is always the first to compliment his outifts.

Cannon is all about "petting" him. He will still stop in mid-run to come and offer a quick kiss on the head. If we don't immediately address his crying Cannon will alert us with, "are you just gonna let the baby cry?" He is also the first to complain in the morning about wanting ear plugs because the baby "never stops crying!"
His hair is thinning on the top, it seems like his head is expanding and therefore the hair is more sparse. Who knows, part of being a boy in our family is having a large noggin/brain.

He likes the car, hates the car seat. Feels relief when outside. He knows when he is laid down in "his" bed, he knows it's bedtime. He loves his sling. He doesn't like pizza, raisin bran, or Kung Pao Chicken.

Even though he is a "high maintenance" baby, he definitely has a place in our lives. We wouldn't be complete without him, and we all know it.
He has the most buttery soft skin, smells like a bundle of lavender...and has me wrapped around his tiniest finger.
**amazing quilt courtesy of Theo's Auntie Becca**