Monday, July 5, 2010

Jufry: con't

The Griffins wanted to get together at their house this year and do a bunch of frying. They asked everyone to bring a couple of unique things to be fried, because we hate our arteries, and a few things that weren't quite as artery clogging.

Then some things changed for the Griffins, and the location changed to our house. The Griffins still fried, and we grilled. We had things like fried, brie, green tomatoes, croquettes, pickles, zucchini, oreos and bananas (and some other foreign dishes that I can't pronounce much less spell). We also had a few different salads, corn on the cob (on the grill) burgers and dogs.

The kids played on the slip and slide, which is seen in the video. After the food and dessert we let off a few small fireworks and sparklers.

Here are the only two pictures that I got before my back-up camera batteries died...

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