Friday, July 30, 2010


we've been gifted so many things with our latest addition. the most recent was from our landlords. that's right, our landlords. we've known that they were pretty special people from the start, however, i certainly didn't expect an email with an offer of dinner after the baby came.

alas, we accepted.

they came over last sunday to deliver, and brought an amazing meal, complete with blueberry cobbler and vanillla ice cream for dessert.

a gift for Theo, because "he wouldn't be able to enjoy the food."

one of my favorite gifts that we've received for him.
it's a zoo bag, with 6 handmade estela from guatemala. i know theo is going to love gripping these in his little cherub hands. they are the perfect size, colorful, and exactly the kind of thing i would've chosen for him.

but that's not all.

tonight, i wanted to re-heat some of that divine cobbler. before preheating the oven i checked the bottom of the pie plate to make sure it was oven safe, and discovered a little note. the note instructed me to add this dish to my collection. well, i collect vintage pyrex and fire king...and sure enough this jadeite fire king pie plate was gifted as well.

roy and patrice might have to physically remove us when they want this house back:)
 thanks guys, we're awfully lucky to have you.

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Jen said...

I would have been giddy over that fire king. You have great landlords.