Friday, July 30, 2010


we've been gifted so many things with our latest addition. the most recent was from our landlords. that's right, our landlords. we've known that they were pretty special people from the start, however, i certainly didn't expect an email with an offer of dinner after the baby came.

alas, we accepted.

they came over last sunday to deliver, and brought an amazing meal, complete with blueberry cobbler and vanillla ice cream for dessert.

a gift for Theo, because "he wouldn't be able to enjoy the food."

one of my favorite gifts that we've received for him.
it's a zoo bag, with 6 handmade estela from guatemala. i know theo is going to love gripping these in his little cherub hands. they are the perfect size, colorful, and exactly the kind of thing i would've chosen for him.

but that's not all.

tonight, i wanted to re-heat some of that divine cobbler. before preheating the oven i checked the bottom of the pie plate to make sure it was oven safe, and discovered a little note. the note instructed me to add this dish to my collection. well, i collect vintage pyrex and fire king...and sure enough this jadeite fire king pie plate was gifted as well.

roy and patrice might have to physically remove us when they want this house back:)
 thanks guys, we're awfully lucky to have you.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

it doesn't matter

that this is the fourth time i've done this.
he is so different, and just as marvelous.
he has darker eyebrows then the older three, a little more hair than the other three.
he has a dimple in his chin, we have no idea where that came from.
we're also pretty sure that he has a dimple in his right cheek, again no idea.
he hasn't shown any kind of consistency with sleeping patterns, and perhaps a few signs of colic...which he got from his sister.

cannon can't cross the room without offering a kiss on the back of his head, usually followed by a soft little pat. he is quite proud.

ryli responds to his crying the same way i do, with haste and concern.
she is definetly going to be a mama one day.

ty is all about holding him, giving him his pacifier, and identifying what the cries mean. a problem-solver.

much of the days are passed gathered around this guy. these days are passing quickly.

happy two weeks my little theo max, what a gift you are.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


because this is pretty much all we do these days

Thursday, July 22, 2010

one week

~monkey toes~

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


shane took the kids to swim practice. i was snuggling my babe on the couch, looked out my front windows and saw this...

Sunday, July 18, 2010


helicopter p.j.'s

Saturday, July 17, 2010

saturday: homecoming

i know this isn't the best thing to encourage...but i don't care
a VERY proud big brother
a doting papa...
shane's new project...

Thursday, July 15, 2010

now we are 6...

he's here. my night was harder than i thought. i felt like i had a good handle on everything...then i fell asleep and all of my inhibitions went out the door. i started the packing before the alarm went off. the more i prepared, the easier things seemed.

sue-wee arrived to stay with the kids around 5am. we left about 5:15am. it wasn't hard.

we found our room at the hospital, and i got chatty. i do that when i'm nervous. shane was quiet. i think he was really tired.

nope...not me.

first the i.v., then the epidural, then it was off to the o.r..

that was when it really hit me. i felt pretty desperate to be anywhere else but there. i said a prayer and asked for courage and blessings for my baby. i thanked my heavenly father for the experience of this pregnancy, and expressed sadness that it was over so soon. it felt that way.

within minutes the surgery was started. shane came in and grabbed my hand, suddenly everything eased. i wanted to take a nap. i knew he would keep a good watch on everything. it took dr. breniman a bit longer to get through some scarring, then he announced that it was close. the first cry, any minute.

shane turned on the video camera, and watched. it wasn't exactly a cry that we got...more like a growl. one of the four best sounds i've ever heard. he was healthy, shane was on the ball, and dr. breniman was almost done with his handy work.

theo maxwell sharp
born at 7:36am on Thursday, July 15th.
weight 8lbs 3oz
length 21"
head circumference 14.25"
APGAR's 8&9
my body wouldn't stop shaking, my teeth were chattering. i, still, was in no shape for that nap. good thing, i had a baby to meet.
The Worlds BEST OB/GYN - Dr. this guy!!!
the shaking stopped as soon as i got my hands on him. the nurses encouraged us to spend a few quiet minutes together before they did all of their checks, a nice surprise.
from the minute he was born, he was amazingly calm, almost disconcerting. he didn't cry hardly at all, even during his first bath.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

the night before...

this pregnancy journey has been unique to my prior three. i've experienced emotions that are new, and tonight is no different. i am ready to meet this baby. i hope he is prepared for this world, and on a smaller scale, our little family.

i feel somewhat selfish for taking him from his safe, warm, protective bubble.

i don't have the nerves like i did last time. my worries lie with his health and not my own.

i started out unsure.

now i am positive.

this little person belongs with us.

tomorrow, a new sharp family begins.

welcome little one, we've been waiting for you.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

looking back

this video is from the night we told the kids we were expecting a baby. the video is dark, but just the audio is worth it. now, we are only a few days away from meeting him...
oh my.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Jufry: con't

The Griffins wanted to get together at their house this year and do a bunch of frying. They asked everyone to bring a couple of unique things to be fried, because we hate our arteries, and a few things that weren't quite as artery clogging.

Then some things changed for the Griffins, and the location changed to our house. The Griffins still fried, and we grilled. We had things like fried, brie, green tomatoes, croquettes, pickles, zucchini, oreos and bananas (and some other foreign dishes that I can't pronounce much less spell). We also had a few different salads, corn on the cob (on the grill) burgers and dogs.

The kids played on the slip and slide, which is seen in the video. After the food and dessert we let off a few small fireworks and sparklers.

Here are the only two pictures that I got before my back-up camera batteries died...

a little 4th of Jufry

We have a pretty steady group of people that we hang out with...not to be confused with a clique. We are always open to new friends, that is, if they can survive the initiation...

Within our group of non-exclusive friends is about 9-10 children. Our kids have somewhat broken up into two age groups, there are the junior and senior. Pretty soon we will have a sophmore group as well. This is the "junior" group on our 4th of Jufry. It begins with Hazel, then Henry, Bram, then Hazel again, then Cannon.

They are always entertaining to watch...

(I will post again soon to explain the Jufry, and hopefully add more pictures. I'm depending on other people for photos, as my Nikon has been admitted to the Nikon hospital)