Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Swim Team

The kiddos decided to join swim team this year. All three joined but only two have survived the intense training. Ty bailed. Ryli's favorite seems to be the back stroke, but she has a strong freestyle. Cannon gets to wear his floaties, and he has a strong freestyle also. They love to practice and compete, but the best part is the ribbon ceremony that takes place every Tuesday night following the meets. The lifeguards or "coaches" throw the kids a little BBQ too.
It isn't a very serious competition, but the kids sure do love it. It's really nice to hang out with all of our friends and cheer the little ones on. The Griffins, Toblers and Hartzells do it too.

This night imparticular I wasn't able to make it because of the opening for a certain vampire movie, but I armed Shane with the camera so I wouldn't miss the highlights.
Goooo Cannon!!!

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