Friday, April 9, 2010

Ryli's Birthday Friday

 Her birthday isn't until Sunday, but they always start early and end late. I feel it my motherly duty to make a birthday nice and long, for all of my little chicks.
It started it out with cupcakes delivered to school on Friday. I have a lot to learn about decorating a cupcake. But alas...they are homemade, and homemade always TASTE so much better. Plus, I had these adorable boxes to use.
My girl is always willing to bask in the spotlight. So when she got to sit at a special table, be serenaded by her peers, then choose her most special friends to pass out cupcakes with her, well, it was so Ryli. I almost always absolutely adore her.

The times when I don't, it's because she's acting jsut like her mommy. Bring on the Birthday weekend!

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