Monday, May 10, 2010

Dallas-Mother's Day

My one Mother's Day wish was for Swedish Meatballs...from Ikea. My Shane made that happen for me. He understands the cravings of the mother of his children, and aims to please. It was such a bonus to be able to shop at one of my favorite places in whole world. Plus, I had a new house to furnish/decorate, plus, I'm nesting.
It really did wonders for heart.
We went to Ikea first thing, for breakfast. Then checked the kiddos in at Kidland, which was the highlight of their trip. A double bonus. Then Shane and I got to have a mini-date. Triple bonus. After 1 short hour it was time to pick up the babes, Shane obliged...happily. Then he happily trailed me with a cart full of kids until I had finished my shopping. That sweet guy.

Then it was over to Costco to stock up on possibly the best tortillas EVER. We picked up a few other things, including a new Xbox game for my good sport.
Then back to Ikea for lunch, the whole reason we came. It was everything I knew it would be...and the Diam Torte too.
After a few last minute decisions, we said our goodbyes to Ikea. Only with promises to return soon.

I have a new list generating as I type.

The road home was not bad. We got in around 9pm, and I was gifted all of the lovely handmade things that only loving children are too proud to share. A crown, so very many drawings, bath salts, clay flower pots with tissue flowers, and a hand crafted paper sack full of goodies. Delightful.

What a lucky mom I am. And wife. Mother's Day always reminds me, no matter how much I give to my sweet children, I will forever be in their debt. Gladly.

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