Friday, March 5, 2010

two cents...

my youngest has an opinion on just about everything. usually it manifests itself in the form of socks, whether to wear one on one foot, two on the other, matching, unmatching...and so on. Sometimes it's even whether or not it's necessary to wear a shinguard or two to bed.
Lately though, it's been what to call this new baby brother he is expecting (in late July). Here are a few options, hopefully I can do them justice with creative spelling:

1. Wilson
2. Roller
3. Jockhawk
4. Lowtore
5. Theodore (somewhat ironic)
and finally...
6. Jonstawn

How can I choose just one I ask you??
As for the opinion of the older two. They are pretty much on the same page.

For Ryli, it's Oliver. She's already calling him that.
For Ty, it Ollie, and sometimes Dylan.

It's never really concrete until Shane and I see the baby...but I think we're close to a winner. It's my favorite.

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