Saturday, March 27, 2010

spring break camping:pregnant

We tried to keep the schedule full over Spring Break. We managed a few trips to the park, a day trip to Memphis to shop and visit the zoo. We also decided to spend a night in the great outdoors.
It was cold.
Shane took the day off on Friday, we hit the road to Woolly Hollow around 2pm. We got camp set up...shortly after Ryli's shoes and socks were soaked. Typical. I came prepared this time. That girl CANNOT stay out of the water.
The Griffins came, then the Hartzell's and eventually the Tobler's. The usual.

We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, and then nightfall came...and it got cold, really cold. I snuggled up next to Cannon and Ryli to sleep, Ty shared a sleeping bag with Shane.
It was a quick trip. Ty had a soccer game at 10am. We woke up around sunrise, ate some breakfast (including a morning smore or two) and loaded up. We were out of there.
We brought the intense smell of campfire to the game.
We all decided we were done with camping for awhile.
Time to focus on the next big feat. An addition to our five.

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