Sunday, March 7, 2010


My partner-in-crime and I opted for another shop-a-thon in Dallas. This time we were really organized with maps, store lists, time limits (sort of) and an early Saturday departure. We only had about 36 hours to get the best of Dallas' retail finery.

We thought this was the sweetest home in a really cool part of old town Dallas. Then we went here...

City Craft.
The best Dallas has to offer.
A must visit if you're in the area and you hoard fabric, like us.

then we went here,

to get one of these. oh how i crave them...
we hit the galleria, checked into the hotel, grabbed some dinner, then on to north park. becca was nearly dragging me...i was beat.

the next morning we had a nice breakfast. so nice in fact, that becca brought along a few muffins for the car ride. then she sat on them. i only realized it after we made our way around target, so she lapped an entire store with a muffin butt. good times.
then it was off to ikea for some scandanavian goodness. oh man, it was good.
then, costco, then, more nordy rack, then homeward bound.
that is one big belly, for being 5 months preggo.


Michelle said...

I am jealous!! What a fun trip. Your belly looks cute...kind of makes me miss mine:)

Amy said...

Great trip, Awesome shops! and I can't stop laughing about Muffin Butt!

CityCraft said...

Your playlist is AWESOME. I just keep your blog site open and groove while I'm working on my laptop from home. Great stuff!

Callie from CityCraft

Liz&Meg said...

oooh! i want to go to that fabric shop!