Saturday, March 27, 2010

he scores!!!

So after spending the night freezing in a tent, Ty went on to play in the most exciting game of the far.

He plays forward. He also scored.

spring break camping:pregnant

We tried to keep the schedule full over Spring Break. We managed a few trips to the park, a day trip to Memphis to shop and visit the zoo. We also decided to spend a night in the great outdoors.
It was cold.
Shane took the day off on Friday, we hit the road to Woolly Hollow around 2pm. We got camp set up...shortly after Ryli's shoes and socks were soaked. Typical. I came prepared this time. That girl CANNOT stay out of the water.
The Griffins came, then the Hartzell's and eventually the Tobler's. The usual.

We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, and then nightfall came...and it got cold, really cold. I snuggled up next to Cannon and Ryli to sleep, Ty shared a sleeping bag with Shane.
It was a quick trip. Ty had a soccer game at 10am. We woke up around sunrise, ate some breakfast (including a morning smore or two) and loaded up. We were out of there.
We brought the intense smell of campfire to the game.
We all decided we were done with camping for awhile.
Time to focus on the next big feat. An addition to our five.

Friday, March 19, 2010

pinnacle mountain

we needed a change of scenery.
    and then this happened, and it was time to go home.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

becca's day

today is a special day...31 years ago my friend becca was born.

she wasn't especially excited today, i told her to get over it and let the people that care about her celebrate.

she finally gave in, but it wasn't until later.

holly and i took her to lunch here:
we ate some of these,

and some of this.
we parted ways, then met back up for dinner.

larry's of course, and presents for dessert. also a snowball/hostess cake.

happy birthday mrs. griffin.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

flower child

on one of the most beautiful afternoons 2010 has offered, this girl couldn't waste a moment indoors.
she went from sunbathing with the early spring wild flowers in the front yard, to sketching in her journal, to drawing masterpieces on the walkways. she appreciates nature at it's finest, and also at it's messiest.
i admire that about her.

Monday, March 8, 2010

bubba finally gets his moment

He is finally getting to play soccer. He has been counting down pratically since birth. His first word was ball, he has been wearing shin guards for some time now. Tonight was his first official practice.
He wanted to sleep in his shirt.

Could he look any happier?

Sunday, March 7, 2010


My partner-in-crime and I opted for another shop-a-thon in Dallas. This time we were really organized with maps, store lists, time limits (sort of) and an early Saturday departure. We only had about 36 hours to get the best of Dallas' retail finery.

We thought this was the sweetest home in a really cool part of old town Dallas. Then we went here...

City Craft.
The best Dallas has to offer.
A must visit if you're in the area and you hoard fabric, like us.

then we went here,

to get one of these. oh how i crave them...
we hit the galleria, checked into the hotel, grabbed some dinner, then on to north park. becca was nearly dragging me...i was beat.

the next morning we had a nice breakfast. so nice in fact, that becca brought along a few muffins for the car ride. then she sat on them. i only realized it after we made our way around target, so she lapped an entire store with a muffin butt. good times.
then it was off to ikea for some scandanavian goodness. oh man, it was good.
then, costco, then, more nordy rack, then homeward bound.
that is one big belly, for being 5 months preggo.