Friday, February 12, 2010

Sugar High(s)

Valentine's Parties for all.

Cannon's was yesterday.  At Gymboree, they had a tea party with chocolate milk, and a cornicopia of treats. The kids then did little dancing...but not Cannon. He refused to dance with a girl, or a boy for that matter. They exchanged Valentines, to which Cannon immediatly handed me the cards and kept the candy for his sack. Smart kid.
*no pictures of this party, brought the camera...forgot the memory card;(

The school-goers had theirs today.

Ryli first, with ice cream sundaes and the Valentine exchange. She had seconds on the ice cream. The highlight, a waffle cone bowl. Arguably, the highlight could've been that she told her class, and some moms, that her dad was on American Idol. Ahem, she's been known to fabricate a thing or two. Crazy girl.

Ty next, also with sundaes. He also had cupcakes, sugar cookies and rice krispy treats. All of which he respectfully declined. He's still "allergic" to frosting. He did accept the offer for ice cream and a water bottle. Weirdo.
I loved getting to meet some of the moms from their new school. I feel really good about where they are.

Everyone is bouncing off the walls, and seems really happy as we enter this weekend of love.

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