Saturday, February 27, 2010

a highlight

after Ty's Baptism we went to Larry's.
one of my fondest memories of my first child's baptism will always be this-
a good samaritan passed Becca a message, well, let's see for ourselves...
a closer look? okay-
...i don't see them.
does this look like the face of a person who likes to show off their underwear??
i know, Becca either.
one of my favorite couples...

my oldest gets baptized

We couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day, mother nature smiled.

I ran errands frantically this morning, getting everything finalized. I also had to pick up a few refreshments.

We arrived at the church about 2:30pm. I even remembered my photo card.

Tyler's energy became nervous, he gets a little wild when he gets nervous.

Shane became very quiet, reflective and reverent.

I became emotional as soon as I saw my guys in all white.
We got everything set up, and everyone seated.
We have the most articulate, and compassionate bishop.
His words were too kind.

Tyler chose his teacher from last year to speak on Baptism, Caleb. I loved watching Tyler as he was spoken to. He listened intently.

The water was cold. Shane said Ty tried to climb him as soon as he entered the font.

Covenenants were made.

The Hubbard couple played a beautful interlude.

The gift of the Holy Ghost was given.

Shane was amazing.
I am a proud mom, and wife.

Reflecting... family and friends alike, showed their love and support for my child and our little family. What more could a person want... for their child to be loved and cared for by so many. It reminds me of the old African Proverb, It takes a village to raise a child.

It truly does, and somehow we have managed to land ourselves in one spectacular village.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

coming clean...

"guys come sit on the couch, dad and i need to talk to you"

"why do you have a camera mom?"

"i want to take your!"


"okay, are you guys ready?"

"for what?"

"we're going to have a baby!"

well, here's the video

 (it's a bit dark)

the proud owner of a BOBCAT

Tonight was the Blue and Gold Banquet. Tyler got turned upside down for his Bobcat...
He is really loving this.

It was also a celebration of 100 years of scouting, check out the amazing cake.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


These two have known each other for some time. Previously Cannon sort of "tolerated" Henry, bless his heart. Now though, they watch movies holding toys together. They play chase, and even want to be parked right next to each other when they are confined to shopping carts...which happens to be often.
It's the beginning of a beautiful thing...I think.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

the ringleader

this is so her. on a quiet, and relatively warm(er) Saturday afternoon, Shane dicovered this...
mudpits in the garden bed. of course the little brother follows the big sister. the biggest brother would have nothing to do with it, he prefers the neat and tidy.

oh how much fun they had, those naughty little beasts.

dad got to have his fun with the hose.
best part...the warm shower afterward.

for me, i just got to laugh, take pictures, then snuggle my freshly bathed sweethearts. dad took care of the clean of the benefits of gestating, i suppose.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

she's off

we took the training wheels off a couple of months ago. after a rough day at school she needed some time alone...with nature. after about 15 minutes she ran in bursting with pride. she had taught herself to ride her bike. after dance i took my girl out for some mexican and an ice cream sundae.
i love a good date with my girl. i'm so proud of her.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Tonight my boy becomes a Cub Scout. He looks so handsome in his shirt. Can this really be happening?

Friday, February 12, 2010

Sugar High(s)

Valentine's Parties for all.

Cannon's was yesterday.  At Gymboree, they had a tea party with chocolate milk, and a cornicopia of treats. The kids then did little dancing...but not Cannon. He refused to dance with a girl, or a boy for that matter. They exchanged Valentines, to which Cannon immediatly handed me the cards and kept the candy for his sack. Smart kid.
*no pictures of this party, brought the camera...forgot the memory card;(

The school-goers had theirs today.

Ryli first, with ice cream sundaes and the Valentine exchange. She had seconds on the ice cream. The highlight, a waffle cone bowl. Arguably, the highlight could've been that she told her class, and some moms, that her dad was on American Idol. Ahem, she's been known to fabricate a thing or two. Crazy girl.

Ty next, also with sundaes. He also had cupcakes, sugar cookies and rice krispy treats. All of which he respectfully declined. He's still "allergic" to frosting. He did accept the offer for ice cream and a water bottle. Weirdo.
I loved getting to meet some of the moms from their new school. I feel really good about where they are.

Everyone is bouncing off the walls, and seems really happy as we enter this weekend of love.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

bowlin' with the non-lovers

celebrating football tonight, and forcing our non-football loving friends to join in. they loved it, don't let them tell you different.
cannon wanted to know when the players were actually gonna start bowling? sweet boy.

we had some really good food, and a chocolate cake that knocked my socks off. the kids made their own pizzas.
thanks for hanging, non-football loving friends....and Larry (a fellow football lover). it's only so great because of you. all of you.