Sunday, December 27, 2009

El Dorado

In a public restroom yesterday, Ty stated,

"I don't understand why we drove 2 hours to go to a restaurant for lunch. We're just going to turn around and go right back home."

My response, "I'll explain it to you later babe."

The public restroom we were in was all the way in El Dorado Arkansas. It was a cafeteria type restaurant that my grandparents had chosen.

Oddly enough, all three of my children were able to find something they wanted to eat.

These grandparents are my dad's parents. We don't see them much, but we think they are pretty special.

My grandpa used to love telling me his Korean war stories, and even gave me all of his medals and ribbons after I joined the Air Force. I cherish those today, I carry his medic medal in my wallet.

My grandma is the busiest body I know. She won't sit fact I don't ever think I've seen her sit on her couch for more than snapping a picture. We almost have to threaten to surprise her when we come visit so that she won't spend 2 days working on a big meal. We always volunteer to bring lunch so that she will just relax. She won't have it. If she's not cooking, then she's treating...

My grandparents, Irv and Virginia, are getting old. Recently Grandpa had a stroke and was diagnosed with Alzheimer's. What a terrible disease. I worry for them, both. I was concerned that Grandpa wouldn't remember us, me. I was concerned that the stroke would've left him handicapped.

I was surprised when I saw him. He was the same, he remembered. He looked well. He gets tired more quickly, and has a little bit harder time with a fork, but things are okay.

What I loved more than anything, was to see them holding hands. My grandma, in her natural state, rushing all over this little cafeteria to keep his plate full of the food he wanted...including a slice of lemon for his fish. I loved seeing them so happy. It's truly inspiring.

I loved seeing my dad there to help care for his parents.

On the way home from our short trip to El Dorado, (it was kept short due to the fact that Grandma was almost pushing us out the door around 3pm so that we didn't have to drive in the dark, there's no arguing with that woman) I explained to Tyler that that's just what you do...for family. Not only for them, but for us.

I am so glad we went. I'm glad I have one more picture. I loved seeing Ryli immediately attach to lady she barely remembers seeing before, there is a natural bond. I loved seeing them dote on my children. I'm so happy to know that they are proud of me as a mother.

I know we will see them again soon.

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