Monday, December 21, 2009

Bubba turns 4...

Cannon's birthday fell on a Sunday this year, so we held the party on Saturday the 19th. Which also happened to be on the day of our big family Christmas party...we had quite the weekend.Shane is the cake master at our house.
We invited Cannon's closest friends over around 11am for some Super Hero action. The kids played Pin the Dart on the Villian, Kryptonite Hot Potato, and beat a Batman pinata to a pulp. They snacked on pizza, and the fanciest Incredible Hulk cake Shane has ever made. I think the kids had fun, and Cannon spent the day feeling special. What more could a kid want? Cannon was dressed up as the Super Hero Race Car Driver...??And because the kids didn't get enough sugar from the pinata, it was time for cake.
Candles strategically arranged by the birthday boy himself.

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