Monday, November 23, 2009


last week was a big one for us. shane and i decided that the kids would no longer be attending
e-Stem, a school that we have really come to love. our decision to pull them out came after lots of contemplation and prayer. in the end, the answer was clear. at this point in our lives, homeschooling is right for us.

last friday, the 20th, was their last day. it was a tear-jerker. we promised to keep in touch, even meet their classes at the library every other week. we promised the teachers and staff that they were amazing people and that we were so grateful to have known them. we took pictures with friends and gave lots of hugs.

now i have all three of my babies home with me...all of the time. this is going to be a good thing, a great thing...i think.

after all, leaps of faith happen to be my thing.

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