Wednesday, November 11, 2009

sharps + griffins do dallas

We loaded up the family, grabbed some friends and drove to Dallas last Friday. We ditched parent/teacher conferences and opted for a fancy hotel, holiday shopping and crazy kids. Well worth it, I think, even with Shane's fever:(
On our hit list: Northpark Mall, Allen Outlets, Nordy Rack, Anthropologie, American Girl store, Lego store, Ikea and Costco. The girls managed a few hours of shopping alone, and the guys squeezed in a movie. We tried convincing the kids to leave the hotel for the zoo, but they weren't having it. What's with kids and hotels? OH, and this little tooth of Lucy's was on my own personal hit list this weekend:)The trip was a success. We covered a lot of ground. We are all still trying to get back on schedule, but we had a really good time. Bring on the turkey!

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