Sunday, November 22, 2009

new-ish moon

Like last year, we waited. my date, Becca, and I arrived around 5pm to save our place. We were 2nd in line...only to the guy who had been there since 9am.
Becca packed us a cozy picnic for dinner. Home made pot pies, cfdc, clementines, and home made chocolate chip cookies. She's a well prepared date.
We spent the next 3 hours with entertainment provided by: the people in front of us, the twins with tattoos, behind us, a visit from channel 5, an Alice doll (courtesy of the guy in front of us), and last butt not least, the guy who broke in line and made us stare at his too small jeans for an hour. Becca captured that last one for us.They let us in around 8pm. Twilight started at 9pm, then, with some teasing, New Moon started at midnight. The verdict...perfection. The whole night.

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