Friday, November 20, 2009

a mini feast, for mini peeple

Cannon and his classmates put together a little Thanksgiving something for us parents yesterday. There was some singin, and some dancin, complete with head dress. Oh man, it was cute!
In return, the well organized mom's of Cannon's classmates put together a little feast for the kiddos. I take no credit, I contributed napkins and juice boxes...oh, and Cannon's non-traditional slice of pizza. The only thing Thanksgiving-like going into that kid's mouth is a roll, and there is just no point in arguing.(Cannon with two of his favorite people Logan and Emery)Cannon had two hands on the "gratitude turkey", which stated that he was thankful for GI Joe, and his big brother. I'll take that. Ryli, on the other hand will not. She demanded an explanation.

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