Monday, November 30, 2009

final touches

decorating the tree

hanging the outside lightsdad hangs the star
cannon pushes the magic buttonand, it wouldn't be complete without a little sibling rivalry

Christmas is HERE!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanks and Giving

We always have the Macy's parade on in the background. Christmas deco takes over our space. Rich smells overflow from the oven. Dishes are baking, kids are playing, I multi-task...and Shane saves the tree. My day is complete and it's only 10:30am, is that possible? There are so many more events planned for this holiday. Late lunch at Sue-wee's (her house is holiday all of it's own), dinner with good friends. Could a girl be more lucky...I don't think so.
Happy Thanksgiving to all, and to mine...a million Thank yous.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


we've decided to take it easy this week...they would be on a break from school anyway. the temps have dropped, but my three were still needing some fresh air. so, bundling up they did...

I can't keep Ty off his bike

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

baby stalking and zoo discovering

after school last Friday we trekked to Memphis to stalk this guy... his aunt was getting married on Saturday, he needed someone to snuggle him while his mom and dad attended the ceremony. we happily volunteered for the duty. it was a tough job, he grunted and dreamt the entire time (and pooped on Ty once). i did share a little, my babies were dying for a little taste of their own.
after we returned Solo to his rightful owners we ate some lunch and said goodbye to the Toblers. they had a reception to go to. we took advantage of the unfamiliar city and stopped by the zoo. boy was it worth it. the Memphis zoo was A-Mazing!

this guy snuck off, we turned around to find him father like son.

Monday, November 23, 2009


last week was a big one for us. shane and i decided that the kids would no longer be attending
e-Stem, a school that we have really come to love. our decision to pull them out came after lots of contemplation and prayer. in the end, the answer was clear. at this point in our lives, homeschooling is right for us.

last friday, the 20th, was their last day. it was a tear-jerker. we promised to keep in touch, even meet their classes at the library every other week. we promised the teachers and staff that they were amazing people and that we were so grateful to have known them. we took pictures with friends and gave lots of hugs.

now i have all three of my babies home with me...all of the time. this is going to be a good thing, a great thing...i think.

after all, leaps of faith happen to be my thing.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

new-ish moon

Like last year, we waited. my date, Becca, and I arrived around 5pm to save our place. We were 2nd in line...only to the guy who had been there since 9am.
Becca packed us a cozy picnic for dinner. Home made pot pies, cfdc, clementines, and home made chocolate chip cookies. She's a well prepared date.
We spent the next 3 hours with entertainment provided by: the people in front of us, the twins with tattoos, behind us, a visit from channel 5, an Alice doll (courtesy of the guy in front of us), and last butt not least, the guy who broke in line and made us stare at his too small jeans for an hour. Becca captured that last one for us.They let us in around 8pm. Twilight started at 9pm, then, with some teasing, New Moon started at midnight. The verdict...perfection. The whole night.

Friday, November 20, 2009

a mini feast, for mini peeple

Cannon and his classmates put together a little Thanksgiving something for us parents yesterday. There was some singin, and some dancin, complete with head dress. Oh man, it was cute!
In return, the well organized mom's of Cannon's classmates put together a little feast for the kiddos. I take no credit, I contributed napkins and juice boxes...oh, and Cannon's non-traditional slice of pizza. The only thing Thanksgiving-like going into that kid's mouth is a roll, and there is just no point in arguing.(Cannon with two of his favorite people Logan and Emery)Cannon had two hands on the "gratitude turkey", which stated that he was thankful for GI Joe, and his big brother. I'll take that. Ryli, on the other hand will not. She demanded an explanation.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


fall has turned the mornings cold.
my little chicks prefer a good bundling on these fall-ish morns.they pose
they fightthey're hurried.
and that is our morning, in a nutshell.
happy bundling.