Thursday, October 8, 2009

That's a BIG 3rd place!

He looks pretty proud, doesn't he? The ribbon was awarded to him and 5 other 2nd grade comrades for their work. The 6 of them represented Mexico at WorldFest this year back on September 25th. I had the privilege of attending with them, and so, was assigned to help Ty's group present.
The kids designed and created the display for Mexico all by themselves. The highlight of this competition, however, was watching the kids answer the judges questions regarding this country. They did a phenomenal job, and were super excited to show off their work.
We waited 2 long hours for the judges to make their way to us, Cannon waited too. With his stroller. In a HUGE crowd of people (around 4000 students attended). In the heat and humidity that Little Rock so humbly offers just before the change of seasons. After the judging, we caught a few performances, visited the aquarium and zoo booth, then spent some at the Clinton Presidential Library. The walk back to school was long and hot, but promising.
We bumped into Ryli a few times, she seemed to be enjoying herself. 1st grade didn't compete in the Global Village Competition, but she did get to partake in all of the games and watch the performances. She and her class strolled to the River Market for a little lunch around noon, and then went back to school.

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{irene} said...

Hi girl!...just wanted to let you know that I always follow your blog and that your kids are getting huge!..kisses!