Wednesday, October 7, 2009

the Sharps heart the Allens

We love the Allens! They met us at Skybox in SLC on Friday. We were so glad they did! I got to meet this little peach. Her name is Paige.

Natalie and I were able to spend sometime catching up awhile the kids ran wild and played games.

Ty and Logan were really good friends when we lived in Utah. He was Ty's first little friend. When they get together, it's like no time has passed. They pick up right where they left off.

With tummy's growling we decided to get some dinner. I can't say that the kids spent much time eating, they were too excited. The waiter was such a good sport, we left that place a MESS!! 7 kids, 2 adults...need I say more?

Hard to believe that Marissa is actually about 2 years younger then Ryli. Their mom's are built the exact opposite:)
We had such a good time with you guys. Hopefully next time we come, we will have more time to hang out! Thanks for reminding us of all of the great memories, and for being such good friends!

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