Sunday, October 18, 2009

Forced Fun

You know how when you're trying to do something fun for the family, and the kids are doing nothing but complaining about every. little. thing., and you keep asking them to just be patient, and they still won't stop complaining, and you've spent a lot of time and energy preparing for this one thing? Well, that was Friday. We tried to squeeze one last camping trip into the Fall line-up, and let me tell you, it wasn't easy.Shane and I both questioned the value of our efforts as we drove to Woolly Hollow on Friday. We hit the road later than planned, which ran us into traffic. Two accidents on the 40 to be exact, at dinner time. The kids whined, we rolled our eyes. The sun was setting and we realized we had forgotten out lantern...and the propane, for the stove. The kids said they were hungry, I fed them Doritos, because, dang it they were going to get that meal cooked over the campfire. Even if I had no lantern to see what I was doing.
After about 1.5 hours of all of that, we arrived. We found some peace, with just a sliver of daylight left. My little troopers found their smiles, and their second wind.The Toblers pulled up shortly after we did. Thank goodness, they had the firewood.
We enjoyed that dinner cooked over the fire, warmed our insides with hot cocoa, and found the kids slightly more enthusiastic about going to bed than normal. It was chilly, a very chilly change into p.j's. Then I bundled my babies up in their sleeping bags, with extra blankets, and curled up next to them. We all fell asleep, listening to nature. I completely ditched my adult counterparts, and missed out on some interesting tales, I'm sure. Snuggling with my babies will always be the better choice, though.
The sleep was peaceful.
We woke around 7am to sunshine and the sound of flipping fish. Joe started breakfast right away while Shane washed dishes. Pretty great guys, those two. Slowly, the children trickled out of their warm spots in the tent, for a little daytime exploring.
Teriney also found her way out, in need of the restroom no doubt!

We enjoyed breakfast with more hot cocoa, then smores for dessert.
Ryli and Ruby couldn't keep themselves away from the water, even in these freezing temps. Crazy girls.

We began our clean up and pack up effort early. We had other things to tend to back in civilization. Thanks, Woolly Hollow, for yet another great night. See you in the spring!

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Admiral Joe said...

I like the picture where it looks like I'm pushing shane into the fire.