Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Fall-ish Saturday

We spent this gorgeous day, O-U-T-S-I-D-E. The cool, sunny day was the perfect inspiration to get the front yard cleaned up.
These are the days I dreamt of when we were freezing in Colorado and Utah, or sweating in Vegas. This is why Fall is my favorite season. Ryli pleaded to dive into my neat piles of leaves, I indulged her.She kept saying, "but this is why Fall is fun, mommy!"

Ty won the award for constant reminder of child labor laws, and for also for hardest worker. (no physical force was used by us.) He hung in strong with the promise of compensation, Daddy Dollar style.
Cannon won the award for most variety of jobs in an afternoon. He couldn't decide which tool was his favorite. He did ask his dad to teach him how to use the weedwacker. In due time, little one.
Ryli wins the award for biggest daydreamer. She started out dedicated, but got side tracked by the popcorn on the porch swing. That, and the grass, together they were just irresistible. Cannon caught on shortly after. After the yard work, they played. Shane and I did more organizing. Next Saturday should bring more beautiful weather, (just in time for trick-or-treating) and backyard clean up.
Thank you Little Rock, for being my home.

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