Saturday, October 31, 2009

Boo at the Zoo

Last Saturday, the kids voted Boo at the Zoo over the pumpkin patch. Aunt Jeanie was volunteering this year, and we couldn't wait to see her in her Peter Pan costume. We waited in line for over an hour. By the time we finally got through the gate the kids had very few patients left for the cold, and bedtime was looming near. We trick-or-treated at all of the stations we could find, stumbled upon Aunt Jeanie....and rode a Ferris Wheel???
Ty insisted, Cannon couldn't be convinced, and Ry was on the fence. I was happy to oblige.
I waited in line with the older two while Shane took Cannon to the Fire Truck to explore. After we sat down in our cart, and were locked in, the operator asked for our tickets. Well, we had none. There wasn't a sign in sight indicating that there was a ticket charge, much less a ticket booth to purchase tickets. The operator was kind enough to tell us not to worry about it, and sent us on our way up.I don't like Ferris Wheels, I reminded myself, conveniently, at the top of the ride. I was in charge of keeping myself calm, as well as Ryli. We took deep breaths together. Ty loved it!Ry and I were happy to plant our feet safely on the ground as soon as we could. Not sure what it is about the Ferris Wheel. Maybe the swinging motion of the cart, or getting stopped at the top?? Anyway, I'm sure my memory will fail me again at Disney World in February.The temps finally sent us home, but not before Shane had a chance to sample Orange Scream milk. He gave it two thumbs up, tasted like a creamsicle he said.

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