Saturday, October 31, 2009

Party at the Deschamps

Wednesday was a party strickly catered to the little ones. Olive and Elle threw a tasty bash with pumpkin carving, cookie decorating, crafts...and of course, the festive pinata.

The men got cozy in the backyard and began the slicing and dicing. Shane had a challenge before him. It was Captain America.

Fun was had by all of the Sharp's. The kids were NOT eager to say goodnight, not Wednesday night, or any night this week. Lucky for Shane, he had to duck out for a church thing. I was charged with wrestling the bambinos to their nightly slumber. Near impossible I tell you.
Some highlights:

Boo at the Zoo

Last Saturday, the kids voted Boo at the Zoo over the pumpkin patch. Aunt Jeanie was volunteering this year, and we couldn't wait to see her in her Peter Pan costume. We waited in line for over an hour. By the time we finally got through the gate the kids had very few patients left for the cold, and bedtime was looming near. We trick-or-treated at all of the stations we could find, stumbled upon Aunt Jeanie....and rode a Ferris Wheel???
Ty insisted, Cannon couldn't be convinced, and Ry was on the fence. I was happy to oblige.
I waited in line with the older two while Shane took Cannon to the Fire Truck to explore. After we sat down in our cart, and were locked in, the operator asked for our tickets. Well, we had none. There wasn't a sign in sight indicating that there was a ticket charge, much less a ticket booth to purchase tickets. The operator was kind enough to tell us not to worry about it, and sent us on our way up.I don't like Ferris Wheels, I reminded myself, conveniently, at the top of the ride. I was in charge of keeping myself calm, as well as Ryli. We took deep breaths together. Ty loved it!Ry and I were happy to plant our feet safely on the ground as soon as we could. Not sure what it is about the Ferris Wheel. Maybe the swinging motion of the cart, or getting stopped at the top?? Anyway, I'm sure my memory will fail me again at Disney World in February.The temps finally sent us home, but not before Shane had a chance to sample Orange Scream milk. He gave it two thumbs up, tasted like a creamsicle he said.

e-Stem Fall Fest

Last Friday we ventured downtown for e-Stem's Fall Fest. It was our first official Halloween event of the year. The kids got to play all kinds of games, crawl through a box maze (that made Cannon cry), and spend some time with their "school" friends. They loved showing off their costumes to their teachers and friends.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Tonight we started working on our pumpkins. This task is pretty much between Shane and the kids, I observe usually. Tonight though, I made homemade cheese enchiladas, while they carved.
By bedtime, Ryli was the only one with a finished product. Shane takes a lot of pride in his carving projects. I got everyone tucked in, then spent a few minutes working on Ty's super loose tooth. Tonight, it came out.
So now, we have two completed Jack-o-Lanterns.

Monday, October 26, 2009


For this year's first Honor's Assembly the Sharp kids brought home 3 awards.
Tyler made the all A's list, but missed it on the citizenship this go 'round. He's been exploring his trouble-making side this 1st nine weeks. We have addressed the issues and we're expecting a giant turn-around for the next nine weeks. Not holding our breath...but we're super proud of his A's!
For full disclosure purposes, his teacher did ask what I thought about withholding the citizenship award, I told her to be consistent. Maybe it would have an impact on him. Honestly, I don't think he really cares.
(Ty walking down the red carpet)
Ryli, she got both awards. She is a good student also, but at this point, I'm not quite sure how she acquired the citizenship award. She has participated in some trouble of her own.
(Ry and Ms. Barton)
It's funny how differently they experiment with trouble. Ty is more of a teaser, waiting for a reaction. Ryli is more independent and stubborn, she works on her own clock. Again, the brains of Shane, but their gusto came from their momma for sure.

(Ms. Meigs walking her class down the red carpet)
I THINK I can work with smart, mischievous children. Although, I hear they are the hardest.

Here's to endurance!!

(we truly are proud of them, with or without substantial evidence of their goodness)

Bubba, uninterested in having his picture taken.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Fall-ish Saturday

We spent this gorgeous day, O-U-T-S-I-D-E. The cool, sunny day was the perfect inspiration to get the front yard cleaned up.
These are the days I dreamt of when we were freezing in Colorado and Utah, or sweating in Vegas. This is why Fall is my favorite season. Ryli pleaded to dive into my neat piles of leaves, I indulged her.She kept saying, "but this is why Fall is fun, mommy!"

Ty won the award for constant reminder of child labor laws, and for also for hardest worker. (no physical force was used by us.) He hung in strong with the promise of compensation, Daddy Dollar style.
Cannon won the award for most variety of jobs in an afternoon. He couldn't decide which tool was his favorite. He did ask his dad to teach him how to use the weedwacker. In due time, little one.
Ryli wins the award for biggest daydreamer. She started out dedicated, but got side tracked by the popcorn on the porch swing. That, and the grass, together they were just irresistible. Cannon caught on shortly after. After the yard work, they played. Shane and I did more organizing. Next Saturday should bring more beautiful weather, (just in time for trick-or-treating) and backyard clean up.
Thank you Little Rock, for being my home.