Monday, September 21, 2009

them: recently

Dance is here! My tiny dancer started at a new studio this year. New to us and new to Little Rock. She gets to dance with a special friend, Caroline, who she went to pre-school with and hasn't gotten to see much since.
Have I mentioned she is the absolute hardest child to get out of bed in the morning, I can't do it. Mornings do not shine brightly on our relationship, her dad on the other hand, is much more tolerant of her flailing. She is also posing as a well trained Kung Fu master. We aren't sure where this came from, but she insists she knows what she's talking about.
Cannon has named his baby. Back story: As Bubba has watched Ryli love her Liliana, he has decided he needs a baby of his own to love. He has asked repeatedly for an American Boy doll. Fortunately Ry came to his rescue with this. I bet no one can guess his chosen name (Becca's guess doesn't count)....Long Legged Viper. Apparently that is Cannon's spin on making his babydoll love tough. I don't know, I can't really say it with a straight face. Even at night when are searching desperately through the house so Cannon can go to sleep, we still snicker...he gets a little defensive. He is loving Gymboree, his most favorite days of the week are Tuesday and Thursday. He has a tendency to ask for something to eat (usually a snack of some sort) by complaining of a stomach ache. I try to explain to him that there is a short cut by just simply asking for something to eat, instead of prefacing the process with whining.Ty:
Tyler has found his way out of the daily troubles at school. We have put all cartoons, video games, and internet on hold, until we were certain they were no longer influencing him to make bad choices. We also asked his teacher to give him a little more of a challenge at school. She did, and he has risen to the occasion. He is slowly reclaiming his privileges . He has even been asking to come to the track with me on my morning jaunts. I'm enjoying our time together, even if we only chat en route.

Love those green eyes, they often save him from the wrath of an angry mom.

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Admiral Joe said...

long legged viper, that may be the best babydoll ever.