Saturday, September 26, 2009

a rocket ride

Cannon doesn't remember having ever flown on an airplane. Truth is, his first boarding pass was issued at about 21 days of age. Since then he has caught several flights, but his memory serves him false. It's okay, he's only 3. So today, when we boarded the plane to Utah, it felt like a brand new experience. I had to capture it. His most popular question was "when are we going to blast off?"
The flights were uneventful, which equates to easy and safe. An uneventful flight is always a friend of mine.
We made it to SLC around 4:30pm, picked up the rental and set forth to Pleasant Grove. We stopped for some necessities and arrived at the Eric Sharp's residence around 6:30pm. Tad (Talmage, 3), greeted us at the garage door with a sneak peek at his super fast running skills. Then the kids disappeared for hours, they were in heaven.

Ryli was dressed up by Madison. Tyler was in non-stop Bakugan battle mode with Boston, and Cannon and Talmage found mischief in every hiding place. The adults gathered around the table and caught up. It's great to see family...old friends.

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