Wednesday, September 9, 2009


9 years of wedded, um, roller coaster.
I have the best partner to travel this journey with doubt. We have lived, laughed, cried, and argued...and agreed. We started out together as Airman. Next we were long distance loves. Then we became husband and wife. Next a baby carriage. Now a family of 5, can I say that again, FAMILY of 5! Hard to believe.

I spent the day on the edge of my seat. Shane kept insisting on attending Young Mens tonight, even when I gave him my most hurt of faces. I was surprised to come home around 5:30 to see Sue-wee's car in my spot. I walked in to the smell of pizza baking in the oven, which really gave it away, there would be no Young Men's for Shane tonight.

Instead, we would dine at Ferneau. A fancy spot on Kavanaugh. A bouquet of 9 red roses awaited our arrival with a sweet card attached just for me. We narrowed our choice of appetizer to brie on toast with fresh strawberries, my entree was shrimp and grits with grilled asparagus and Shane chose the Ribeye with potatoes and heirloom tomatoes. We couldn't muster up any room for dessert, which was just fine because Sue-wee surprised us with Tiramisu from Sylvek's.

We ended early, it is a school night and I like to do the tucking in. The babes are never far from our thoughts, even on anniversary night. Tonight was pretty close to perfect, I appreciate simplicity. Tonight is a celebration of unity, and two becoming five. Sometimes I can't believe it's really all ours.

Over bliss, I choose roller coaster.


Michelle said...

Happy Anniversary!!! Good job Shane on planning the night out...loved the roses already at the table:)

Jen said...

What a sweetheart Shane is! Happy 9 and wishing you 9 more.