Saturday, September 12, 2009

grand folks

Yesterday was

Ty and Ry were lucky enough to have two special guests, Gram and Sue-wee, grand and great-grand.

Ryli's class celebrated first by creating self portraits with bagels, cream cheese, and candy. They had a special song and then got to run their special guests through the book fair to ask for surprises. She was indulged by her Gram. I can tell Ryli feels special when she shrugs her shoulders up to her cheeks and gives a little close-mouthed grin. We saw several of those.

Tyler's class celebrated after lunch. The guests were treated to cookies and juice. While enjoying refreshments, we listened to each child stand and read a special memory they had with their grandparents followed by a drawing of that memory. Tyler's narrative was about his birthday dinner at Olive Garden. His drawing included a building with the initials OG at the top. They also got to run through the book fair where Ty was indulged, as well.
A special thanks to our specials guests. You made a difference, on anything other than ordinary Friday.

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