Thursday, October 1, 2009

Butterfly Lake - so many pictures

Fishing and hiking were the two things Ty was adamant about doing on this trip, today turned out to be his lucky day.

This morning when we woke him up at 6am to head to the mountains, as he opened his eyes, with bedhead, he grumbled that he never said he wanted to get up EARLY and go fishing.

It was freeeezing in Evanston and even colder in the Unitas. Butterfly Lake was as beautiful as I remembered. The site we hoped for was closed for the season, so Ty got to hike and fish in the early morning and freezing temps, his lucky day. The rest of us reconsidered.
We decided to tough it out. We built a fire, warmed up and got comfortable. Shane, Nate, and the kids grabbed their poles and worms and set out on their mission. They fished, and fished, and fished some more. Nate was the winner with the first fish caught.

As the day grew warmer, the fish grew more brave...and hungry. Shane caught a few, and let each of the kids "catch" their own. Shane also managed quite the fish murder. While attempting to save a fish, he threw it a log, and killed it. The kids witnessed the whole thing, they might be scarred. Right after, Garet was having a little trouble casting his line and asked Shane for help. With his hands still "fishy," he successfully cast the entire pole. See picture below, it was a fine moment.Ty and dad with his Albino TroutRyli with her Rainbow Trout, she had no desire to touch itBubba and dad with his Rainbow Trouthe also had no desire to touch itbubba luvin', he's quite tasty
In the meantime Dayna and I manned the dutch oven station. We served up some pretty yummy breakfast burritos. I caught a few zzz's in the tent with Sawyer, and Jenny,while the men and the kids manned the poles and caught a few more.

Around 3pm the kids were covered in dirt, sunkissed, and we were ready for some not-so-campfire-fresh air. So we headed down.

bubba as a warrior
After an early dinner, came an early bedtime...for the kids.
We introduced Nate and Dayna to Ligretto, and stayed up late comparing our kid's ingenuity.
Thanks guys, for all that you did for us. We had a great time.

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Nate said...

You guys are more than welcome. It was a great chance for us to get away too. It's always memory-worthy with Shane around. Loved having you guys stay with us in little, boring Evanston.