Thursday, August 20, 2009

Vegas Highlights

Saturday: Flight in was slightly flawed. Got the royal pat down for a security tag in my shirt...awesome. Flight out of Denver was delayed by 2.5 hours. Survived that. I was greeted by Eddy, Michelle, Dax, and a nameless baby girl pea in the pod. I quickly forgot about my delay thanks to Cafe Rio. Got the tour of their new house, showered the airplane off and called it a night.

Sunday: Eddy and Dax were kind enough to give the girls some quality time at the Premium Outlets. We shopped and shopped, and then went to Michelle's parents for her birthday dinner. They were our family when we lived in Vegas, and every time I see them I feel right at home. I heart the Bishop and his wife.
Monday: We booked Marianne to keep Dax so we could shop more. And we did. This day we hit up a local fabric was amazing, heaven on earth. Then we moved on to Town Square for lunch and H&M, then to Fashion Show for Nordy's and everything else in that place. I love it. Dinner at Chipotles with Eddy and Dax, then frozen yogurt at Golden Spoon.

(the boss)
Tuesday: Dax wanted to come shopping with the girls. We ran a few errands, then ran Dax home for a nap. The Bishop came to Dax-sit while Michelle and I ran to get lunch then a pedi. It was a much needed treat after all of the time on our feet. We then went back for Eddy and Dax and headed down south for Nordy Rack and BJ's for dinner.

Wednesday: the time was over so much quicker than it came, it was time to head home. I barely made my flight to Denver. They made a final boarding call while I was riding the escalator up to the gate. The trip home was thankfully uneventful. The party waiting for me at the Little Rock Airport was lively. I couldn't wait to hug my babies...including the man. Home I missed. Vacations are good.
(that's right folks, she's 7 months preggo)

While away, Shane was super dad, mr. mom, acting PTA Pres., and found out that his much disliked boss was no longer. His hands were full, overflowing with tasks. Thanks to my friends and family for pitching in. I hope I can return the favor to you all someday...

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