Saturday, August 22, 2009

shane's day.

It actually started last night. I made a reservation at Osaka for us and 5 other couples. Sushi is Shane's favorite, so getting a babysitter and and meeting some friends for dinner was the perfect plan. WE. HAD. THE. BEST. TIME!!!!!!! The food was wonderful, the atmosphere, perfect for visiting, and the customer service...a nice change of pace. We will be going back for Happy Hour again soon. (aren't they gross)
all of us at Osaka
thanks blue cake co.!
This morning we woke up early to hike Pinnacle Mountain and the weather couldn't have been more perfect. It's our local famed climb that would look like a large hill to most...but it was a great challenge to me and the kids. Joe, Billy, Lucy and Henry were also up for the hike and met us there. Shane was skeptical about the kids making it, but they hiked swimmingly. We made it to the top with Shane only carrying Cannon about 2/3 of the way. The climb down was a bit harder. The boulders were not very nice to Ryli, and Ty had one mishap. They finished though and we are proud of them. My bum foot and shin splints on the other hand, hate me right now. We stopped at Crackerbarrel for a late breakfast and then hit the showers and bed for naps.
Dinner tonight was shared at Sue-wee's by all. We celebrated both of our birthdays. We were surrounded by family and wonderful southern comfort food, all recipes our request. I was surprised with a lovely slideshow of some of my scariest and most proud moments from my 30 years. It was a tearjerker.
We came home to get the kids in a bed at a decent time (which never works). Shane has a little surprise waiting for him under his pillow.
Here is where I say:
Another great year with one special guy. So glad you picked me Shane, Happy Birthday...


becca said...

i'm ready for sushi happy hour again. yum! but, it seems to me like someone at the table said something like, "don't post this on your blog" in reference to the "shared sushi" shot.

happy birthday, shane.

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday Shane!! Looks like you guys had fun.

Natalie said...

SHane had a very manly birthday cake this year...

Every time i pass a crackerbarrel i think of you. We miss you guys. happy birthdays:).