Thursday, August 20, 2009


i made the rounds at school today. stopping first at ms. davenports to drop off a box of snacks, i asked how ty was doing. i got more than i bargained for. he has been getting into trouble. there was an incident with an "alien allen", and teasing at the lunch table. also a concern, wasting time instead of completing work. in fact he had an assignment that was 2 days late. ms. dav recently sent an email that said she would start giving zero's! YIKES, the pressure is on...for both of us. most recently he got a "recess academy" for throwing water on another student. i was told the issue resolved itself because the victim of the water incident proceeded to throw pencil lead at tyler's eye. problem solved.

then a quick stop by ms. meigs to pick up ryli. i also asked how she was doing, and learned that she has a "shoe obsession." i thought to myself, "well she comes by that honestly," but that wasn't what ms. meigs was referring to. ry has a problem keeping her shoes and socks on in class. she claims her feet get too hot and sometimes itchy. come to think of it, the other day on the way home from school i turned around to notice ryli filling her shoes with water to solve the sweaty foot issue. she has also had her belt taken away for playing with it during class. i was just glad she wasn't whipping people with it, and not because we do that at home...because we don't. she certainly doesn't have an issue with teasing, not this girl. she has a heart of gold.

so after 1 month down, things are happening at school. i would give it 50% defiance, 50% learning. i'm curious as to how these ratios will adjust throughout the year...and their lives.

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