Saturday, August 1, 2009

my day: more lemonade

For a pre-birthday activity we met some friends for some pizza then, later, me and the girls met up at the Market for Food Inc.. After the movie we moved the party to Becca's where, at midnight, the girls serenaded me with birthday cheer. We sat and critiqued our current lifestyle choices, pending improvements, ideals and dreams, over chocolate cake.

I got home late.

My day started with an early morning cry from the youngest over a bad dream. He joined us in bed, one of my most favorite ways to wake up, or even fall asleep, is snuggling one of my warm little babes. Needless to say, my day was off to a good start.

After my custom made snuggler awoke, Shane gathered everyone in the living room to allow me a few more minutes of birthday zzz's. Around 8am some little voices burst into the birthday song. They had prepared a breakfast of toast with jam, apples, grapes, and my most favorite drink in the world, ice water. I was showered with gifts and then told I had about 30 minutes to ready myself for the next phase of my day.

I was dropped at the grocery store by my family and told to buy some microwave popcorn. You can imagine my confusion. I walked out and my family was gone, Becca pulled around the corner with a piece of folded paper. It seemed I was to complete a scavenger hunt, an entire outfit to be purchased for under $30 and a 3 hour time limit. IMPOSSIBLE I tell you.

I will spare the details, I kept my budget but not my time.
The next phase was lunch at Charlotte's (my personal request), which had to be relocated due to CLOSURE for lunch on Saturdays. Whatever.
After not really enjoying our relocated lunch, Shane surprised me with a personal ballroom dance lesson. The swelling in my new and improved foot begged to differ with the proper shoes, so it went postponed. I took a rain check and then dragged Shane to Cynthia East, a lovely little fabric shop.
We ended our short date, and reconvened at the Griffins where our kids were found doing things like this:
It was time for dinner at the Hartzells. We sat around and ate and laughed with our inner circle. I have one, amazing, inner circle.

I capped the night off with tucking my sweet children into bed and a good late night talk with Shane. It was quiet, I was content.

Tremendous amounts of love and thought went in to planning and executing this day. I am such a lucky girl to be surrounded by so many with whom I love, and who love me right back.

Thanks all, you've made my year.

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