Sunday, August 9, 2009

gno - birthday girl edition

Planned for myself and a friend, Emily, was an evening amongst friends. It also included dessert and a movie. But not just any movie, (500) Days of Summer. I have been waiting on this movie for over a month.

And not just any dessert, but Copelands. Massive slices of cheesecake. I chose Carmel Pecan, it was decadent. I saved a little for my sweetheart of course. Generosity was abundant, I was showered with gifts from the hearts of many.

After we wrapped up our sugar splurge, we made our way to the theater and found our seats.

Have I mentioned I love going to the movies? Becca once described the experience so eloquently, " to sit in a cool, large, dark room, with no interruptions, plenty of snacks and a huge screen of entertainment, how could you resist?" Well, I can't.... I've been addicted ever since.

The movie was captivating. The music, emotion, and truth...charming, and practical. It did my heart good, and I'm ready for a second viewing.

To summarize: dessert, gifts, smiles, great movie, laughs, tears + good friends by my side = tickled pink.
Happy Birthday to me...again.

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