Monday, August 31, 2009

dearest ty and ry,

today you have a free dress day. congratulations, you did a great job on your school's fundraiser. you each sold 5 books, and for that you received an e-stem bracelet, 1 free dress day, a free meal at the purple cow, and a trip to the ice cream truck this friday at school with your friends. it means a lot to me, your PTA president, that you chose to participate in this activity and hopefully together, we can get you that playground you've been asking for. ryli, because you are so much fun to dress, i made you a new outfit for the occasion. ty, you are also fun to dress, but in a different way, therefore i bought you a new shirt. i love you two, and i'm very proud you. we exceeded our goal by over $11,000. don't we have the best school???
xoxo, mom
p.s. cannon, you are the MAN, too.

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Jen said...

I love Ryli's outfit... are both so cute!