Monday, August 31, 2009

dearest ty and ry,

today you have a free dress day. congratulations, you did a great job on your school's fundraiser. you each sold 5 books, and for that you received an e-stem bracelet, 1 free dress day, a free meal at the purple cow, and a trip to the ice cream truck this friday at school with your friends. it means a lot to me, your PTA president, that you chose to participate in this activity and hopefully together, we can get you that playground you've been asking for. ryli, because you are so much fun to dress, i made you a new outfit for the occasion. ty, you are also fun to dress, but in a different way, therefore i bought you a new shirt. i love you two, and i'm very proud you. we exceeded our goal by over $11,000. don't we have the best school???
xoxo, mom
p.s. cannon, you are the MAN, too.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

oh sunlight

this picture has been on my desktop for about a month now. it's a bouquet i put together for Ty and Ry's principle for her birthday, back in July. the flowers are cut fresh from the backyard, and really, i couldn't let this go undocumented. if only you could smell them...

(and now, i can safely delete it)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

shane's day.

It actually started last night. I made a reservation at Osaka for us and 5 other couples. Sushi is Shane's favorite, so getting a babysitter and and meeting some friends for dinner was the perfect plan. WE. HAD. THE. BEST. TIME!!!!!!! The food was wonderful, the atmosphere, perfect for visiting, and the customer service...a nice change of pace. We will be going back for Happy Hour again soon. (aren't they gross)
all of us at Osaka
thanks blue cake co.!
This morning we woke up early to hike Pinnacle Mountain and the weather couldn't have been more perfect. It's our local famed climb that would look like a large hill to most...but it was a great challenge to me and the kids. Joe, Billy, Lucy and Henry were also up for the hike and met us there. Shane was skeptical about the kids making it, but they hiked swimmingly. We made it to the top with Shane only carrying Cannon about 2/3 of the way. The climb down was a bit harder. The boulders were not very nice to Ryli, and Ty had one mishap. They finished though and we are proud of them. My bum foot and shin splints on the other hand, hate me right now. We stopped at Crackerbarrel for a late breakfast and then hit the showers and bed for naps.
Dinner tonight was shared at Sue-wee's by all. We celebrated both of our birthdays. We were surrounded by family and wonderful southern comfort food, all recipes our request. I was surprised with a lovely slideshow of some of my scariest and most proud moments from my 30 years. It was a tearjerker.
We came home to get the kids in a bed at a decent time (which never works). Shane has a little surprise waiting for him under his pillow.
Here is where I say:
Another great year with one special guy. So glad you picked me Shane, Happy Birthday...

Thursday, August 20, 2009


i made the rounds at school today. stopping first at ms. davenports to drop off a box of snacks, i asked how ty was doing. i got more than i bargained for. he has been getting into trouble. there was an incident with an "alien allen", and teasing at the lunch table. also a concern, wasting time instead of completing work. in fact he had an assignment that was 2 days late. ms. dav recently sent an email that said she would start giving zero's! YIKES, the pressure is on...for both of us. most recently he got a "recess academy" for throwing water on another student. i was told the issue resolved itself because the victim of the water incident proceeded to throw pencil lead at tyler's eye. problem solved.

then a quick stop by ms. meigs to pick up ryli. i also asked how she was doing, and learned that she has a "shoe obsession." i thought to myself, "well she comes by that honestly," but that wasn't what ms. meigs was referring to. ry has a problem keeping her shoes and socks on in class. she claims her feet get too hot and sometimes itchy. come to think of it, the other day on the way home from school i turned around to notice ryli filling her shoes with water to solve the sweaty foot issue. she has also had her belt taken away for playing with it during class. i was just glad she wasn't whipping people with it, and not because we do that at home...because we don't. she certainly doesn't have an issue with teasing, not this girl. she has a heart of gold.

so after 1 month down, things are happening at school. i would give it 50% defiance, 50% learning. i'm curious as to how these ratios will adjust throughout the year...and their lives.

Vegas Highlights

Saturday: Flight in was slightly flawed. Got the royal pat down for a security tag in my shirt...awesome. Flight out of Denver was delayed by 2.5 hours. Survived that. I was greeted by Eddy, Michelle, Dax, and a nameless baby girl pea in the pod. I quickly forgot about my delay thanks to Cafe Rio. Got the tour of their new house, showered the airplane off and called it a night.

Sunday: Eddy and Dax were kind enough to give the girls some quality time at the Premium Outlets. We shopped and shopped, and then went to Michelle's parents for her birthday dinner. They were our family when we lived in Vegas, and every time I see them I feel right at home. I heart the Bishop and his wife.
Monday: We booked Marianne to keep Dax so we could shop more. And we did. This day we hit up a local fabric was amazing, heaven on earth. Then we moved on to Town Square for lunch and H&M, then to Fashion Show for Nordy's and everything else in that place. I love it. Dinner at Chipotles with Eddy and Dax, then frozen yogurt at Golden Spoon.

(the boss)
Tuesday: Dax wanted to come shopping with the girls. We ran a few errands, then ran Dax home for a nap. The Bishop came to Dax-sit while Michelle and I ran to get lunch then a pedi. It was a much needed treat after all of the time on our feet. We then went back for Eddy and Dax and headed down south for Nordy Rack and BJ's for dinner.

Wednesday: the time was over so much quicker than it came, it was time to head home. I barely made my flight to Denver. They made a final boarding call while I was riding the escalator up to the gate. The trip home was thankfully uneventful. The party waiting for me at the Little Rock Airport was lively. I couldn't wait to hug my babies...including the man. Home I missed. Vacations are good.
(that's right folks, she's 7 months preggo)

While away, Shane was super dad, mr. mom, acting PTA Pres., and found out that his much disliked boss was no longer. His hands were full, overflowing with tasks. Thanks to my friends and family for pitching in. I hope I can return the favor to you all someday...

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

i left my heart at home

this is the 2nd, yes 2nd, video i have received since leaving them. oh, how i miss them so....

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

surprise me

The Surprise: The kids were too quiet. I should've known something was going the playroom, on the train table.
Shane and I were having an important discussion, and suddenly I hear a suspicious crinkle of plastic in the pantry. It was Ty, picking m&m's (only blue) out of the trail mix bag. Ryli was standing by, the m&m's would complete the "dessert".
After demanding answers I was told to close my eyes, Ryli would be right back. In she brought a creative mixed good, fit for a't you worry, the recipe will be published below.
The Clean-Up: There was a trail of honey to be followed, then cleaned. Shane was on top of it. It brought a tear to my eye, and not in the sentimental way. The playroom surfaces were covered in honey. After some deep breathing I was able to look past the mess and at least snap a picture or two for the blog.

Ode to the Blog: Sometimes my blog saves me from saying things I might regret. Sometimes it saves my sweet children from a lecture for just being kids. I thanked Ryli for the thought, and then asked her kindly if she might just draw a picture next time...they last forever, you know.

Moral of the story: try not to take things so seriously, hide my brand new bottles of organic honey...and thank you, blog.

Queen Bee Recipe:

3 chocolate brownie Z-bars

1 entire container of organic honey

1 oreo

1 home-grown jalapeno (for kick)

*children must mix until hearts content, then proceed to leave trails of honey all over the playroom, in their hair, train table and play kitchen


Sunday, August 9, 2009

gno - birthday girl edition

Planned for myself and a friend, Emily, was an evening amongst friends. It also included dessert and a movie. But not just any movie, (500) Days of Summer. I have been waiting on this movie for over a month.

And not just any dessert, but Copelands. Massive slices of cheesecake. I chose Carmel Pecan, it was decadent. I saved a little for my sweetheart of course. Generosity was abundant, I was showered with gifts from the hearts of many.

After we wrapped up our sugar splurge, we made our way to the theater and found our seats.

Have I mentioned I love going to the movies? Becca once described the experience so eloquently, " to sit in a cool, large, dark room, with no interruptions, plenty of snacks and a huge screen of entertainment, how could you resist?" Well, I can't.... I've been addicted ever since.

The movie was captivating. The music, emotion, and truth...charming, and practical. It did my heart good, and I'm ready for a second viewing.

To summarize: dessert, gifts, smiles, great movie, laughs, tears + good friends by my side = tickled pink.
Happy Birthday to me...again.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

charley and the swine flu factory

Because having a child diagnosed with "the plague" wasn't enough for me....I brought him home too. To be con't...

Saturday, August 1, 2009

my day: more lemonade

For a pre-birthday activity we met some friends for some pizza then, later, me and the girls met up at the Market for Food Inc.. After the movie we moved the party to Becca's where, at midnight, the girls serenaded me with birthday cheer. We sat and critiqued our current lifestyle choices, pending improvements, ideals and dreams, over chocolate cake.

I got home late.

My day started with an early morning cry from the youngest over a bad dream. He joined us in bed, one of my most favorite ways to wake up, or even fall asleep, is snuggling one of my warm little babes. Needless to say, my day was off to a good start.

After my custom made snuggler awoke, Shane gathered everyone in the living room to allow me a few more minutes of birthday zzz's. Around 8am some little voices burst into the birthday song. They had prepared a breakfast of toast with jam, apples, grapes, and my most favorite drink in the world, ice water. I was showered with gifts and then told I had about 30 minutes to ready myself for the next phase of my day.

I was dropped at the grocery store by my family and told to buy some microwave popcorn. You can imagine my confusion. I walked out and my family was gone, Becca pulled around the corner with a piece of folded paper. It seemed I was to complete a scavenger hunt, an entire outfit to be purchased for under $30 and a 3 hour time limit. IMPOSSIBLE I tell you.

I will spare the details, I kept my budget but not my time.
The next phase was lunch at Charlotte's (my personal request), which had to be relocated due to CLOSURE for lunch on Saturdays. Whatever.
After not really enjoying our relocated lunch, Shane surprised me with a personal ballroom dance lesson. The swelling in my new and improved foot begged to differ with the proper shoes, so it went postponed. I took a rain check and then dragged Shane to Cynthia East, a lovely little fabric shop.
We ended our short date, and reconvened at the Griffins where our kids were found doing things like this:
It was time for dinner at the Hartzells. We sat around and ate and laughed with our inner circle. I have one, amazing, inner circle.

I capped the night off with tucking my sweet children into bed and a good late night talk with Shane. It was quiet, I was content.

Tremendous amounts of love and thought went in to planning and executing this day. I am such a lucky girl to be surrounded by so many with whom I love, and who love me right back.

Thanks all, you've made my year.