Sunday, July 26, 2009

well, it's parents day of course

I came home from the 2009 PTA Blitz yesterday and Ryli greeted me at the door wearing an apron and exclaimed, "Happy Parent's DAY!"
Did you know that July 26th is Parents Day?
Not me.
Luckily Ryli checks her Hello Kitty calendar for important occasions such as these.
She had set up a table on the patio complete with a floral arrangement, a framed picture, tea cups and saucers, and a stack of books for our reading pleasure.
After being seated she took our order on her clipboard, a water for me and an ice cream sandwich for Shane.

It was lovely.

She was proud, and we felt special.

We snacked and talked and were waited on few more times to see if we would like anything else.

After wrapping up our snack, we took some pictures of the three of us and gave Ryli a big hug, we told her what a sweet girl she was. Then, we were proud, and she felt special.

Full is parenthood.

Happy Parents Day.

(and for those of you who are confused...parents day is actually today but Ry couldn't wait)


Jen said...

that is sooo sweet. I think I might steal ryli.

Michelle said...

I can't believe how sweet and thoughtful she is! What a cutie:)