Friday, July 31, 2009


We leave little rock at 2pm. We as in, me, Becca, Jen and Jennie. Becca drives a little crazy, says some bad words...the rain just keeps getting harder. We arrive in Memphis to find slow traffic and tornado sirens. Not good. It's still raining really hard. We call the beloved Broomcorn to ask of they might please please stay open for some out of towners...they say no, sorry, a tornado is coming.
We head to the Pottery Barn and Williams Sonoma outlet to take cover and RE-cover our broken hearts. We found cover, but no goods, we walk away empty handed. So sad. In the midst we hear that, indeed a tornado has touched down NEXT DOOR to our dinner spot. Our reservation was no more.

We head to Target, a guaranteed stop to turn our frowns upside down. It worked, and we walked away with bags and a big appetite. The rain continues to pour, and we are now soaking wet...and hungry. Houstons is close and agreed upon. With 30 minutes to wait for a table, we head, in the rain, across the street to Whole Foods. We admire the bakery case, Jen buys figs for later.

Our wait is up, our tummies are rumbling...mmm, red meat. We sit, we order, we laugh about our amazing luck. We are human popsicles, but we are smiling. The food is amazing, buttery steaks, warm potatoes, and wood-fired artichokes. Simply divine.

We are almost ready to call it a night, but not before we hit up yet another Target, to secure dry p.j.'s for the trip home. We find more than we bargained for (haha) and are escorted out after closing time.
Before leaving the city center Becca decides to pit stop for a milkshake, another mission failed. There are a lot of intimidating one way streets in downtown Memphis. Home we head.

In a 2.5 hour drive we share lots of secrets, indulge in German candy, and arrive in one piece around 1am.

A night for the books, or blogs in this case. When life gives you lemons...go to Target.

(thank you jen for your photographic donations)

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