Friday, July 3, 2009

happy july

so far this summer has brought us:

the floridian beach

a wedding in fayetteville

zoo visits

chicago touring

up the movie

a lot of hair cutting
grandfather's birthday
hidden valley berry patch

sprinkled with: trips to Target, movies for the parents, lots of time with friends, swimming almost everyday, library visits

accomplishments for Shane: started Grad School, conditional offer from the Foreign Service...

coming soon:

my 30's...ugghh, a trip to Vegas to celebrate

Shane's 33rd

here is the evidence...

sidenotes: the kids are fearless in the water. Ty is completely comfortable with jumping, diving, flipping, and swimming anywhere. Ryli isn't far behind him, her swimming is getting stronger by the day and she loves jumping off the diving board as well. Cannon has come the furthest, he will do anything with his floaties, and would even prefer to take them off in the shallow end where his chin is barely above the water.

berry picking was a first for us. we had a great time. the farm smell must have gotten to worries, he wasn't watering any of the bushes we were picking from:)

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