Friday, July 31, 2009


We leave little rock at 2pm. We as in, me, Becca, Jen and Jennie. Becca drives a little crazy, says some bad words...the rain just keeps getting harder. We arrive in Memphis to find slow traffic and tornado sirens. Not good. It's still raining really hard. We call the beloved Broomcorn to ask of they might please please stay open for some out of towners...they say no, sorry, a tornado is coming.
We head to the Pottery Barn and Williams Sonoma outlet to take cover and RE-cover our broken hearts. We found cover, but no goods, we walk away empty handed. So sad. In the midst we hear that, indeed a tornado has touched down NEXT DOOR to our dinner spot. Our reservation was no more.

We head to Target, a guaranteed stop to turn our frowns upside down. It worked, and we walked away with bags and a big appetite. The rain continues to pour, and we are now soaking wet...and hungry. Houstons is close and agreed upon. With 30 minutes to wait for a table, we head, in the rain, across the street to Whole Foods. We admire the bakery case, Jen buys figs for later.

Our wait is up, our tummies are rumbling...mmm, red meat. We sit, we order, we laugh about our amazing luck. We are human popsicles, but we are smiling. The food is amazing, buttery steaks, warm potatoes, and wood-fired artichokes. Simply divine.

We are almost ready to call it a night, but not before we hit up yet another Target, to secure dry p.j.'s for the trip home. We find more than we bargained for (haha) and are escorted out after closing time.
Before leaving the city center Becca decides to pit stop for a milkshake, another mission failed. There are a lot of intimidating one way streets in downtown Memphis. Home we head.

In a 2.5 hour drive we share lots of secrets, indulge in German candy, and arrive in one piece around 1am.

A night for the books, or blogs in this case. When life gives you lemons...go to Target.

(thank you jen for your photographic donations)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

well, it's parents day of course

I came home from the 2009 PTA Blitz yesterday and Ryli greeted me at the door wearing an apron and exclaimed, "Happy Parent's DAY!"
Did you know that July 26th is Parents Day?
Not me.
Luckily Ryli checks her Hello Kitty calendar for important occasions such as these.
She had set up a table on the patio complete with a floral arrangement, a framed picture, tea cups and saucers, and a stack of books for our reading pleasure.
After being seated she took our order on her clipboard, a water for me and an ice cream sandwich for Shane.

It was lovely.

She was proud, and we felt special.

We snacked and talked and were waited on few more times to see if we would like anything else.

After wrapping up our snack, we took some pictures of the three of us and gave Ryli a big hug, we told her what a sweet girl she was. Then, we were proud, and she felt special.

Full is parenthood.

Happy Parents Day.

(and for those of you who are confused...parents day is actually today but Ry couldn't wait)

Saturday, July 25, 2009

i was robbed

So...if you go to Dillards at Park Plaza at 3pm and run in for 20 minutes to return some shoes, make certain you don't leave a small box of fake money on the passenger seat. It will be stolen.
The picture doesn't do this experience justice. Cannon and I waited out in the heat and humidity for over an hour dealing with the recovery effort. Shane had to leave work early to pick up Ty and Ry, police were called...and what was I supposed to do without a window??? I don't have a garage!!!!
Damage was $350 and I will have my car back on Monday. Not nearly as bad as I expected, but still...what a pain. More than that, how offensive.

Monday, July 20, 2009

uncomfortably comfortable

The cinnamon rolls were purchased.
School supplies, organized and delivered.
Meeted and greeted newly assigned teachers.
Uniforms freshly pressed.
Today is the first day of 1st and 2nd grade for our family.
I went for a run this morning after pre-heating the oven for the special "first day of school breakfast."
I pondered the future of my children.
I came home and greeted my family, Shane had just served the goods. There were lots of smiles.
I immediately found my place in the kitchen removing crust from sandwiches and filling water bottles.
The 1st and 2nd grader made their beds, got dressed, neatened hair and strapped on the backpacks.
I demanded pictures out on the front porch, even though I was still in my post-run state, I wanted one with them.
The 2nd grader only complained twice...he didn't want to take pictures, he wanted to swing.
They skipped up to the MDX, loaded in, and they were off.
My heart says goodbye to another year, my head says they are EXACTLY where they need to be. What a strange place to be, I want to cry and smile at the same time. Something tells me this is only the beginning of these inner arguments.
Anyway, good luck to my 1st and 2nd grader on their first day. Good luck to me on the rest of my life. I do still have this little peach to hang out with. Lucky me.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Son of a...

Cannon adores superheros. Everytime we go to the library he wants to check out a super hero dvd. They are always scratched beyond viewing.

So yesterday we went to Target to get school supplies, the kids start on Monday. Cannon felt left out and we stumbled upon a super hero dvd, with all of the stars, for $9.99.


It was a trying trip to Target, but I left with my sanity intact...barely.

We got home, ate, went for a swim, and back home to catch a few minutes with dad before he left for a meeting. I would be solo for dinner, baths, and bedtime.

Prior to lights out I somehow managed a spare 45 minutes for the kids to either: finish their art project, the new Justice League dvd.

Cannon and Ryli chose to paint, Ty chose to watch. As I was quietly encouraging my creative geniuses I overheard something on the T.V. that sound like "son of a b*tch."

I got worried. I asked Ty what had been said and he said, " i dunno, something fitch or something."

I jumped up to check the rating on the movie that I had just purchased my 3 year old...and low and was PG-13.

Ejected immediately, the dvd will be returned, and I will let the poor Target employee that greets me at customer service know that movies containing higher than a PG rating should not be located in the family/childrens section of Target. All for people like me who don't have the time or brain power to check for a rating when shopping for school supplies with a 7, 6, and 3 year old and desperately trying to keep things even.

So there.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

a-typical evening in June

So this evening involved a lot of running in circles, high pitch squeals and feeding hungry missionaries as I recall, I'm pretty sure it was June 11. It was the 2nd to last day of school and Ty and Ry were buzzing around the bungalow with perpetual amounts of energy. Cannon took their lead. (this is what he wears for these kind of events)
We asked the kids to clear the dishes after dinner, they eventually did, and our guests said goodnight. Shane and I remained at the table to summarize our day for one another.
After a few moments of unexpected quiet we peeked around the corner and found this...

We don't advocate child labor. In fact I've never asked one of my children to load the dishwasher, mostly because I don't want my dishes broken. And, fine, I'll admit it...Shane has taught me to be very specific with dish placement. It really is, all his fault.

Anyway, it was one of the sweetest things that I had ever seen. So much in fact that I was inspired with my activity that evening, it would be something for her. This girl rocks my world.

I left around 7:30 for ladies night at Firefly, a pottery studio. I made my Ryli a little treasure box with a mushroom lid. It was exactly what she would've wanted.

Back home...the boys were fighting in their shared room, and practicing their reporting skills...if you know what I mean. Shane finally heard enough and told them that they were not to come out of their room until it was clean and they could be kind. He calmly closed the door and didn't see them again for over an hour. It was quiet, and when he decided to check for breathing he found the room clean, p.j.'s on, teeth brushed, and a couple of proud little boys. They were snuggled up next to each other in Ty's bed, big brother was reading a bedtime story to little brother.
By the time I got home (around 9:30pm) I found this: (Ty's face hasn't changed since infancy)

Shane was also proud, and I was in heaven. Coming home, to a quiet house, after a rough day and hearing this story. Seeing all three of my bed bugs snuggled up tight and peaceful.

I love the moments in my home when my children are successful at "working it out."

I love that my husband can be a better father because my mothering skills aren't as polished as they should be. It's important for me to know that I can rely on him for that. It happens more often than I am proud to share.

But this...this was a good thing. An evening for the books, so to speak. These little evenings replenish my well of hope. They don't happen as often as I would like, but reading and writing about them have ALMOST the same effect. This, is why I do it...REMINDERS.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

inquiring minds

since everyone is holding their breath, here is some relief. we are still in the "process" with the Foreign Service. Shane did get a conditional offer (which is amazing) but it is conditioned upon a security clearance and medical clearances for all of us except Cannon (all family members under 6), then another file review.
here is a breakdown of what we have to look forward to:
security clearance to come through (it could take up to a year or more)
another file review after clearance
assuming they still want Shane once they know all of us inside and out, then:
Shane will be placed on the list based on his overall score, the list is long and we can only stay on the list for 18 months and if he doesn't get a position during that time then he will have to start all over, (which he won't). they will call with a location and we can accept or decline. we can only decline two assignments before we are booted off the list. if we accept, then, THEN, we will go to D.C. for 4 months (i think) of training.
so see, hurry up and wait...hurry up and wait. Shane sent his application just over a year ago and we are a little more than halfway.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

away we go

oh, it was AMAZING.
john krasinski and maya rudolph were perfection.
i hope i can be parents like them one day.
this picture is from my most favorite scene.
the syrup is the loves that binds. it really is.
i hope there are many awards in their future, and much more acting from these two.
the dvd has a reserved spot in my antique buffet drawer.
i am in love with this one.

Friday, July 3, 2009

happy july

so far this summer has brought us:

the floridian beach

a wedding in fayetteville

zoo visits

chicago touring

up the movie

a lot of hair cutting
grandfather's birthday
hidden valley berry patch

sprinkled with: trips to Target, movies for the parents, lots of time with friends, swimming almost everyday, library visits

accomplishments for Shane: started Grad School, conditional offer from the Foreign Service...

coming soon:

my 30's...ugghh, a trip to Vegas to celebrate

Shane's 33rd

here is the evidence...

sidenotes: the kids are fearless in the water. Ty is completely comfortable with jumping, diving, flipping, and swimming anywhere. Ryli isn't far behind him, her swimming is getting stronger by the day and she loves jumping off the diving board as well. Cannon has come the furthest, he will do anything with his floaties, and would even prefer to take them off in the shallow end where his chin is barely above the water.

berry picking was a first for us. we had a great time. the farm smell must have gotten to worries, he wasn't watering any of the bushes we were picking from:)