Sunday, June 28, 2009

my tribute to the 80's

I have fond memories of the 80's. Like most children, I was young, simple, and perhaps a bit naive. I knew at the ripe old age of 4 that someday I was to marry him...

I spent those days riding my Strawberry Shortcake big wheel, playing with my Hello Kitty miniatures, and running around the "cove" playing hide and go seek at dusk.

I remember one 4th of July my dad was chased by a firework and it burned a hole in one of his shirts. It was a red and white striped button down. He wore it with the burn holes for a few more years.

I remember getting a black Cocker Spaniel in my stocking for Christmas one year. His name was A.J..

I remember getting a little brother in '84. His nursery was primary colors, rainbows and polka dots. I wasn't thrilled at the prospect of competition, sure glad he's here now though.

I remember our neighbors, various in ages, they were like my second family. The Osborn's had a basketball goal and a tree swing in the back yard. I would go eat dinner with them every now and then and sit on a phonebook.

My best friend lived a little down the street. Her name was Nikki. She invited me to what would've been my first concert, Heart. I wanted to go SO bad, but alas, I was too young. She said they threw toilet paper into the crowd...I thought that was so cool. I think I was 6.

One night I told all of my neighborhood peeps that my dad owned the park behind my house. I was sure he did. Then when I found out I was wrong I treated the gang to a box of Twix that was in our outdoor fridge. My dad was disappointed that I handed out all of his treats.

I remember Joels, Pine Forest, Circle K, Bob's Supermarket, River City Gymnastics, but the one thing that always comes to mind when i think of that time in my life is my big silver "jam box". The king of pop flowed out of those metal mesh covered speakers like butter. I was terrified of the video for Thriller, but couldn't take my eyes off of it. I loved my MTV, Martha Quinn and all of the other 1st veejays.

So here is my tribute to the 80's and my favorite Michael Jackson. He really will live forever in those fond memories as my future groom.

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