Monday, June 1, 2009

Blake gets married

Last week was hectic. After returning home from Florida, I had 4.5 days to get my family ready for yet another road trip (this one much shorter than the last). I also had to make a Survivor flag for Ryli's class for their field day, and of course there was the U N P A C K I N G and everything that comes along with that. PLUS, my baby brother was getting married and two of my babes were participating in the ceremony.

We left for Fayetteville Friday afternoon around 2pm, after a mandatory stop at Chick-fil-A of course. We made it up the mountain around 4:40pm and had to be out at Heather's family farm at 5pm for the rehearsal. We made it just in time to see everyone working feverishly...including the bride and groom.

My kids loved the tire swing, chasing the tractors and running barefoot through the acres of green grass. The bride and groom chose a beautiful lazy tree to vow beneath. It was sweet, and very warmed my heart. We rehearsed and then grilled, then called it a night and retired to Steve and Marisela's. Again, the kids were in heaven spending the night with their cousins.

Saturday morning we ran a few errands to complete the Ring Bearer's attire and went to the square for some yummy Thai. We happened upon the bustling Farmer's Market on the way to the restaurant, if only we had a spare hour to peruse...

The Thai was just as described...delicious. And And And, Ryli and Cannon tried SUSHI...I KNOW. The stars must have aligned, either that or the vibe of Fayetteville had gotten to them too. They didn't go in for a second bite...but MAN! I was proud. Tyler opted out of lunch with us to instead eat pizza and swim with William. He doesn't know what he missed:)

After lunch we ran to get Ty and back to the house to get ready for the wedding. We encountered only one minor speed bump and his name begins with a C and ends with a ANNON. Wow...he was exhausted and not in the mood for anything we had to offer. We decided to dress the kids at Blake's house in order to avoid spillage. We got to their sweet house, it was the first time we'd seen it. I love it. I walked into the master bedroom and found my dad straightening his tie and my mom in the bathroom with velcro rollers in her hair. How normal life felt, for a brief moment. We loaded up and headed out to the Dial Family Farm.

I entered Heather's nana's house and in the distance saw my brother. I was immediately and unexpectedly moved to tears. Blake and I haven't been really close over the last 10 years. All of that time flashed before my eyes and I suddenly realized that that time is gone, now my baby brother will be a husband within a matter of minutes. I hugged him tight and told him how much I loved him and how proud I am of him. I truly am.

After the nuptials, we hung out for pictures then met up at the Cosmopolitan in downtown Fayetteville for the reception. The kids spent most of the time on the dance floor and Ryli and Haley graced the newlyweds with an acappella version Taylor Swift's Love Story. It was so sweet! Dinner was had and the cake was cut. We caught up with some old friends, officially welcomed Heather to the family, squeezed Blake a few more times, then hit the road about 9:45pm.

The happy couple will soon be in Cancun.

Throughout this crazy weekend I couldn't help but be reminded of my own crazy wedding weekend almost 9 short years ago. It left me melancholy, another major milestone down, I'm getting older and my baby brother is grown up, time is flying. It also reminded me of how great life is and how exciting it will be to watch Blake and Heather experience all that life has to offer a newly married couple, and one day, a small family. I remember contemplating my and Shane's future, unsure as to what it could possibly hold. So much to look forward to, still...for all of us. Congratulations Blake, baby brother.

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